Risk Free RDP HoneyPots

Kushtaka helps you easily comply with your cyber insurance provider's policy requirements and receive alerts when attackers probe your infrastructure with no added risk to your organization.

Compliance + Security

We understand that your technical team wants a better honeypot. We also know that your compliance officer needs certain boxes checked for your insurance policy. Kushtaka handles both amazingly.

Highly Interactive HoneyPot

Anyone can spin up a single socket and pretend to be a Windows service. We don't just pretend and instead emulate an actual Windows Server down to the last byte.

Cyber Attacks

Use the web dashboard to review the the Attacker's IP address, Username, Password, and other meta data.

Cloud HoneyPot

We do not require you to install anything on premise and instead we host your HoneyPot in our segmented cloud infrastructure.

Engineering Time & Risk

Don't eat up your Engineers time or add operational risk to install and manage HoneyPots on-prem. Kushtaka allows you to implent once, check the box, and move on.

1 Minute Cloud Installation

We can have you up and running in one minute.

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Cyber Insurance Compliance

Many cyber insurance providers understand the value of HoneyPots and now require you to have a HoneyPot for compliance purposes. If you don't invest in one it will likely increase your premium.

Pdf Report

With a single click we generate a custom pdf report for inclusion


Upload a logo and have it placed right on the report.

Effective Date

The report shows a high level summary of all the attacks and heuristics detected.